What the hell is going on with your naming?

Once upon a time I started naming all my techno tracks after motorcycle parts. It’s something I know well and it’s easy to pull a part name out of my head when I’m rendering a project. For some reason it felt weird to go back and rename tracks to something ‘cool’ or ‘meaningful’. The bad thing is the names seam a bit weird to non gear heads. Good thing is the track names stick out on web pages. Probably a good thing in a world where anyone can release music.

SubSensory #80 – Cubic Inches

Honored to have these 3 tracks published on SubSensory‘s 80th release. Congrats to them for sticking to their guns year after year.

I built these tracks some time ago. All three tracks on this release were born from trying out different styles of composing once the core loops were built.


I was heavy into the ‘Mr. Robot’ TV series and this rant from the main character really stuck with me.

It’s sort of a bummer when I publish something and make it available for download on Soundcloud and I see one person downloaded it. I feel like this is one of the best things I’ve ever put together and the two times I got to drop it on a dance floor people were into it. Sometimes it’s difficult to detach from something and look at it objectively. Sometimes it’s also nice to just look at the world and yell ‘fuck society’ and then drop  a giant synth riff.

Bleeder – Unreleased

Sometimes I hear something in a movie or documentary that resonates with me so much that I build a track around it. Bleeder is one such track. Soon as I track down the documentary is from I’ll post it here. This is available for download from Soundcloud.

UKR #117

Remixed one of JAK’s tracks for the Seattle based able UKR. I slammed this remix out one weekend. Too fast actually as the original baseline was off a bit. Couple edits later and the track sounded a lot better.

SubSpec #43 – I.

J. Garrett from SubSpec was kind enough to allow me to remix one of his tracks for this release. I was trying to go for a warehouse’ish type sound and kept the breakdown to a minimum. I feel this is more of a utility track than anything.

SubSensory #79

Lowside is a motorcycle term for when the bike slides out from under you. I had just low-sided when I made the main track on the album so the term was on my mind. Hopefully there won’t be a highside EP anytime soon.