Bleeder – Unreleased

Sometimes I hear something in a movie or documentary that resonates with me so much that I build a track around it. Bleeder is one such track. Soon as I track down the documentary is from I’ll post it here. This is available for download from Soundcloud.

UKR #117

Remixed one of JAK’s tracks for the Seattle based able UKR. I slammed this remix out one weekend. Too fast actually as the original baseline was off a bit. Couple edits later and the track sounded a lot better.

SubSpec #43 – I.

J. Garrett from SubSpec was kind enough to allow me to remix one of his tracks for this release. I was trying to go for a warehouse’ish type sound and kept the breakdown to a minimum. I feel this is more of a utility track than anything.

SubSensory #79

Lowside┬áis a motorcycle term for when the bike slides out from under you. I had just low-sided when I made the main track on the album so the term was on my mind. Hopefully there won’t be a highside EP anytime soon.