Summer Bookings

I’ll be playing live at Oddysey July 28th and July 21st I’m playing records at the monthly Cockpit Event.

Annnnd just like that both my shows this month canceled. 8/

Live from the Bithouse

No major issues this time out. Everything went pretty smoothly and people seemed to enjoy the music. After discussing the set with my friend a bit I think I need to slow down and let the parts of my song play out more. I find myself rushing through things because I feel like they get stagnant but in hindsight, I think there is too much changing too quickly. I forget there really should be an element of trance to techno so you have time to get lost in the rhythm.

Well shit

I was set to play a show on Saturday and shit went totally sideways on me. Soundcheck had some issues I battled through like, my sub-mixer in my eurorack fell apart and one of the cables went bad. I managed to get everything back on track and played a track and a half with no issues. Fast forward to my set time a few hours later and all hell breaks loose. The main cables seemed to be shorting out and only playing one chanel. Swapped cables and then my TR8 would not play through my soundcard into the Octatrack. I tried every trick in the book and could not get things running properly. Packed everything up and walked out with my tail between my legs. To say I was embarrassed and frustrated is an understatement.

I spent the next few days trying to figure out what the hell went wrong and the best guess is a lack of clean power to my MOTU AVB Soundcard. Every other connection and cable are totally fine.

I’m opening for Developer on Saturday and extremely nervous something is going to go wrong again. If something does happen I’m going to have to rethink this setup. You only get so muny chances.

Event Pge


Remix – Stretch

I was listening to an old house record the other day that remixed this classic tune. I figured I’d make a more aggressive version of it for fun. I wanted to keep that lo-fi sound of the original song and the house remix. Threw some reverb on a kick drum, added a sub, tossed in some hi-hats, sampled the record, and spent the afternoon arranging and mixing. Track can be downloaded from Soundcloud. Enjoy.

Odyssey 2016-10-22

On my birthday last year I was invited to play a live set at Portland’s premier late night dance party¬†Odyssey. I used an Ocktatrack as my hub feeding a TR8 and a Circuit into it. Other than a couple misfires on the live resampling everything went pretty good and, more importantly, felt good to play. The room kept moving so I say it was a success. Listening back to this after a few months I wish i had taken the time to pull a few of these pieces out and built tracks out of them . Pretty sure everything has been deleted or written over by now. Oops.