Debut Release

Available now at your favorite streaming and download music service: Marcus Knauer – Underdrive EP


Marcus Knauer brings a techno EP with 3 tracks ranging from peak dance floor hour to deep in the night feels. Underdrive hits hard with a 130bpm broadcast of noise while Dampner and Float push things a bit dark and deeper.


After staring at gigabytes of finished tracks tacking up space on my hard drive for way too long I’ve decided that Picture of Sound will now be distributing music. My good friend David will be helping and we will be releasing music as solo artist, duo, and band. Expect a lot of variety; Techno, Rock, Downbeats, etc. Stay tuned.

Another live set complete. As always I really feel like the recording just doesn’t capture the feel of what happens in a live setting. This music I perform is just intended to be listened to on a sound system at a high volume. I hear things in the recording that sound off a bit but I know in the moment it makes sense.  I guess that’s just how it is. Or maybe I’m just so wrapped up in performing that things sound different to me? I took the swynx out of my setup this time around and drove the TB03 with the clock from my Metropolis which seemed to work fine. I just couldn’t swing anything. The beginning of the set was just a little thing I threw together using the Dixie 2 and the 2hp Arp. I wanted to take a high pitched arp and then tune it down to a bassline, throw a break beat over it (TR8) and then bring in the Octatrack kick. I think it worked well.